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Rubber Buffers

Rubber Buffers
Your new car looks just stunning! It has all the facilities that makes a fine sedan – it is shiny with a spotless paint job, it stands on expensive 20-inches alloy wheels, features a luxurious interior, and you are just done hooking up a booming stereo system in it with hi-fi front and rear speakers. Now your car would obviously steal enviable looks while it is poised on your driveway or garage. But for an instant imagine your car does not have any feature for absorbing shock or noise that the vehicle would generate while it is on the move. Would the same car now maintain its elegant stance on the road? Of course not! So we see that a fancy vehicle without buffers is as good as useless. So what are these buffers? To find out, read on.

What are Rubber Buffers?

The rubber buffers(also known as rubber stop buffers) are seemingly simple but in reality one of the most crucial components of cars. Popularly made of different types of rubbers, these rubber buffers are kind of any device, material or apparatus that are used as shields or cushions on cars. Thus, rubber buffers act as dampers and prevent damaging shock and rebound. Buffers additionally act as sound dampers. Not only cars, such automotive rubber buffers made of high quality rubber are also widely used in cranes, moving machinery, end stops on structures, railways and other engineering devices that are installed with moving parts. There are different types of rubber buffers like rubber stop buffers, automotive rubber buffers, solid rubber buffers, rubber corner buffers which are available in the market.

Advantages of Rubber Buffers:

The Rubber Buffers are available in the market in variety of sizes, shapes and thickness, and mostly come with stud/ plate fixings. Sturdy and resilient in design, the buffers help in absorption of most of the kinetic energy that is released on impact. Thus, these are considered to be the best safety aid for protecting & shielding vulnerable corners and sound proofing of different kinds of moving machinery, engineering equipment, etc.

Why Are Buffers Made of Rubber?

Certain characteristics of rubber makes it an ideal material for designing buffers. A few of them are highlighted under:

• Rubber features high elasticity and tensile strength
• Rubber has high impact resistance
• Some rubbers also exhibit excellent mechanical and dynamic load capacities

Where to Buy Rubber Buffers From?

There are many companies who are engaged in making such rubber buffers whom you can find online. We are also a leading manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of rubber buffers, rubber stop buffers, automotive rubber buffers, solid rubber buffers, rubber corner buffers in India. Feel free to send any query regarding rubber buffers.
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