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Torque Rod Bushes

Torque Rod Bushes
What are Torque Rod Bushes?

Before giving you an idea about torque rod bushes (also known as torque rod bushings, truck torque rod bushes and truck torque rods or torque rods) let’s start with getting clear understanding of; what is a torque rod and how it finds utility in vehicles. The function of torque rod is simple, it helps in preventing the axle's housing from twisting when you apply brakes or give acceleration. And for this, torque rod majorly depends on the torque rod bushes installed in the vehicle which provides it with a cushioning effect. As a result of this, the bushings cushion the joints and prevent tremors/ shocks that are transferred from tires to the chassis while your vehicle is on the move.

Importance of Torque Rod Bushes:

Thus simply explained, toque rod bushes are very important components of automobiles and engineering responsible for reduction of engine vibrations that are felt while driving a vehicle. These bushes are mostly used in heavy vehicles such as trucks, heavy trucks, and more. Hence, such bushings are also known as Truck Torque Rod Bushes & Heavy Truck Torque Rod Bushes.

What Torque Rod Bushes are Made of?

Usually, the torque rod bushes are designed using rubber (both natural rubber of different grades and alternative elastomers) and exhibit excellent torsional stiffness and high rated axial and radial load withstanding capacity. These rubber bushes feature a rubber cylinder bonded on their outer and there are inner surfaces to rigid metal layers. While a large variety of torque rod bushes are available in the market in standard sizes and specifications, customized or special requirements or sizes for suiting specific application can also be made to order. Torque rod bushes especially find widespread usage in linkages of under carriage of railway coach, trucks, trailers and dumpers among others.

Functions of Torque Rod Bushes:

• Smooth movement
• Vibration isolation
• Noise reduction

Advantages of Torque Rod Bushes:

• Excellent torsional stiffness
• High rated axial and radial load withstanding capacity
• The rubber is pre-stressed to offer maximum durability and dynamic strength
• Do not require frequent lubrication or other bearing maintenance
• Very good sound and vibration isolation characteristics
• Available in various sizes and specifications
• Easily customizable
• Extremely easy to install

Where to Buy Torque Rod Bushes From?

So, now that you know what torque rod bushing is all about, just remember that whenever you experience uncomfortable and unnatural jerks when driving, there is a huge possibility that the torque rod bushes in the vehicle have worn out and need replacement. If this is the case, ensure that you immediately replace them before the bad bushings end up damaging the torque rod of your vehicle, replacing which could turn out to be a far more expensive affair.

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