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Rubber Bushes

Rubber Bushes
If there is no sound and vibration isolating system in your car, it would turn into a bellowing monster any day that waddles with heavy jerks. Now the question arises, how you can prevent annoying noise harshness and unwanted vibration in your vehicle? The answer is Rubber Bushes (Rubber Bushings) of course!

Let us learn more about Rubber Bushes, and their importance, applications, different types, etc.

What are Rubber Bushes?

Rubber bushings are basically the cylindrical rubber tubes that are bonded or un-bonded into their inner as well as outer curves to the rigid surfaces of the metal cylinders. These are manufactured of avant-garde rubber molds. In the rubber bushes manufacturing, the rubber is pre-stressed so that it provides optimum dynamic strength as well as durability. The original rubber bushes are generally chemically bonded or compressed to the steel parts, on which these are installed. This allows controlling or limiting of the capacity for the rotation or suspension movement. Various material are used for rubber bushes manufacturing such as NR, SBR, NBR, Polyurethane etc.

Importance of Rubber Bushes:

The collection of automotive rubber bushes is designed with its end application in mind – to absorb the shock load axially, torsionally and radially. Also, the rubber bushings are used in various industrial applications. Some of the general terminology of the rubber bushings are anti-vibration mounting or flexible mounting. These products are used as vibration insulators in the automobiles. In this case, the synthetic rubber bushings or polyurethane rubber bushings are used for insulating steering, chassis and suspension components. This keeps out the factors of noise and vibrations from getting transferred to the vehicle's passenger cabin.

Types of Rubber Bushes:

Every type of rubber bush has a different set of properties for NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness). Few of the popular rubber bushes types are as follows:

• Conical Bushes
• Equalizer Bushes
• Laminated Bushes
• Simple Bushes
• Flanged Bushes
• Pivot Bushes
• Spherical Bushes
• Suspension Bushes
• Torque Arm Bushes
• Void Bushes

Applications of Rubber Bushes in Automobiles:

• Attenuated noise transmission
• Elastic load bearing members
• Meeting the standards of low NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness)
• Vibration isolation

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